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SUPPORT ORGANIZATIONS (organized by type of cancer) We want to help you find what you need and we try hard to keep this information up to date, accurate, and current. Please let us know if you feel we should revise our list in any way by emailing us at QUICK INDEX (click to jump to specific cancer): Continue Reading…

Fighting Cancer Woodblock Prints by Dale Phelps

“Buddha, My Inner Advisor # 3” 24" x 18" Dale Phelps, is a retired Iowa orthopedic surgeon and prostate cancer survivor. “Reduction woodcut print, limited edition of 22, signed and numbered.”

November 2, 2006

This series of woodblock prints concerns visualization during meditation for the treatment of cancer. I have been living with prostate cancer since 1993 but it has recently increased its activity. Along with traditional medical treatments I have been utilizing guided imagery in meditation. I produced these images to help me with visualization during imaging. With this and other modalities I have brought my cancer under reasonable control. Continue Reading…

Multidisciplinary Second Opinion Centers

Many cancer patients are dying, not because treatments are not available, but because the initial physician failed to offer the best possible treatment. Cancer is an unusual disease for many reasons – if you don’t treat it properly the first time, often there is no second chance because cancer grows geometrically. Continue Reading…

How to Start A Cancer Hotline


Recognizing the need:

  • One out of every four Americans will get cancer. The diagnosis and treatment can be very traumatic experiences.
  • Many people equate cancer with death, not realizing that with prompt, proper care and a positive outlook many cancers can be cured Continue Reading…

2008 Cancer Survivors Parks Tour

Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Survivors Parks 2008

Here’s a tour in photos of many of the Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Survivors Parks. Continue Reading…

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