Your Help is Needed to Help Others

Cancer is an extremely complicated disease. There are at least 8 totally different methods of treating cancer, many of which are given in combinations. It is a disease for which there is generally one chance of beating and if that one chance is not successful, often there is no second chance. That is because cells grow geometrically and become an untreatable size quickly as well as Continue reading “Your Help is Needed to Help Others”

Doctor – Weigh Your Words Carefully

The manner in which a physician discloses to a patient the diagnosis of cancer can, in and of itself, determine whether the patient will die or survive. The physician can instill hope and the desire to try to fight and be part of a winning team or can cause the patient to want to do nothing and wait for the inevitable end. A telephone call by a nurse or even the doctor stating, “You have cancer” can be totally devastating. The patient Continue reading “Doctor — Weigh Your Words Carefully”

Reducing Medical Errors in Cancer

On May 7, 2001 on ABC National News Peter Jennings stated, “In cancer, a second opinion should be more than just an option.” The following evening his report went in depth reviewing the study at Johns-Hopkins about the alarming figures of individuals treated with surgery or radiation for prostate cancer who did not have any cancer and that one in 5 cases of all cancers wrongly diagnosed Continue reading “Reducing Medical Errors in Cancer”