Cancer Survivors Parks

With the goal of extending the Cancer Survivors Day Rally from a once-a-year event to a daily happening, the Cancer Survivors Park was conceived. To all who pass it and see the sign, it is meant to give a subconscious message that death and cancer are not synonymous so that when they are subsequently diagnosed, they will try to fight it rather than giving up. To newly diagnosed patients, it is meant to give hope and courage. To those in the process of fighting the disease, it is meant to give directions and determination. To those who have not had cancer, it is meant to reduce fear.

Rancho Mirage, California park
Rancho Mirage, California park

There are three factors present in each Park. First is a positive mental attitude walk with 14 bronze plaques, four inspirational and 10 instructional. Second is a sculpture of eight life-size bronze figures passing through a maze representing cancer treatment. The five before the maze show fear, hope and determination in their faces while the three after are laughing and happy, representing successful treatment. Third is a “Road to Recovery” consisting of seven plaques explaining what cancer is and basic actions to successfully overcome the disease.

The Foundation provided money for the construction of the Park including funding perpetual maintenance. There are 24 parks located in the U.S. and Canada. Each Park is individually designed to complement the surrounding area.

Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Survivors Parks have been completed in Bakersfield, CA; Baltimore, MD; Boise, ID; Chicago, IL; Cleveland, OH; Columbia, SC; Columbus, OH; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Jacksonville, FL; Kansas City, MO; Memphis, TN; Minneapolis, MN; Mississauga, Ontario, Canada; New Orleans, LA; Omaha, NE; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; Phoenix, AZ; Rancho Mirage, CA; Sacramento, CA; San Diego, CA, Santa Rosa, CA; Tucson, AZ, and Tampa, FL.