Cancer Survivors Day

AMB-side It is believed that equating death and cancer is the greatest correctable cause of cancer mortality after tobacco. The Cancer is a disease that is not generally openly discussed. Many people are unaware of the tremendous strides made in successful treatments and reducing side effects. When they are diagnosed, they assume it will eventually kill them. They have heard the stories of horrible treatments, so they will not try their utmost to fight their disease. They will subconsciously give in to it and die. Cancer Survivors Rally, a celebration of life, demonstrates visually that there is not only a possibility of life after the diagnosis of cancer, but a quality of life. The Rally is held annually the first Sunday in June. We originated the Rally in 1986 in Kansas City and today is held in over 700 communities in the U.S.and 15 countries world wide. The rallies are fun for the thousands of survivors and their supporters who attend. But more important, the media coverage of the event graphically displays to all who see it, both diagnosed and yet to be diagnosed, that death and cancer are not synonymous. The Rally helps the spirits of those who are fighting the disease and instills the will to fight to those who will be diagnosed with cancer in the future.