Free Books

Three books by Richard and Annette Bloch are inspirational and motivational as well as being a source of information for cancer patients and their supporters. The books were given out in most comprehensive cancer centers and are available in many public libraries.

They are available FREE…

CANCER... there's hopeCANCER…there’s hope is the story of Richard and Annette’s fight against his “terminal” lung cancer. It is written, not to tell a story, but to show others what they can do to battle this disease. It can be read in a little over an hour and will explain not only to the patient but also to their friends and relatives about the feelings and emotions involved in this disease.

Fighting CancerFighting Cancer is  a step-by-step guide for cancer patients to help themselves fight the disease with a forward by Dr. Vincent DeVita, Jr., former director of the National Cancer Institute, it explains additional things a patient can do to help the quality of their life and possibly enhance the chance of their recovery. The last chapter has a checklist of over 50 points to insure the patient is doing everything they can to help themselves.

Guide for Cancer SupportersGuide for Cancer Supporters shows friends or relatives what they can do to truly help a cancer patient. It’s divided between the primary supporter and a casual acquaintance, each with a checklist to be sure they’re doing everything properly.