Attitude Quiz

Please answer all the questions in this quiz. It is intended to help you fight cancer.

This quiz is not scientifically proven accurate. It is strictly a personal opinion after talking with many cancer patients as well as professionals. The questions have been reviewed by teams of doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists in Kansas City, at Memorial Sloan-Kettering and at the National Cancer Institute. It is meant to enable you to assess your mental attitude and thus to help you successfully fight your disease. In answering the questions, remember you are doing this for yourself. No record is kept of quiz answers or results and no one else ever need see your answers. Do not put down what you think you should say, put down what you honestly feel. Do not try to figure out hidden meanings. Answer each question quickly, as if it were asked you in conversation.
I know exactly what type of cancer I have.

I know exactly the type of cell of my cancer.

In the next several questions, treatment means one or more of the following:
  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Immunization
  • Hypothermia
  • Hormones
  • Psychotherapy
I began treatment less than 30 days after I was diagnosed.

I began treatment less than 60 days after I was diagnosed.

I have not started treatment yet.

I feel that I have had more than my share of bad things happen to me.

I am happy with my life and would like it to continue as it has been.

I believe my cancer will get the best of me.

I would do anything a nurse told me to do without questioning him/her.

I have full faith in my doctor.

I believe the treatment I am receiving will successfully treat me.

If I were told to have an X-ray similar to one taken the previous day, I would do it without question.

I do not want to discuss my cancer with my family.

I do not want to discuss my cancer with my friends.

If I had a trip, business meeting, or other important occasion planned, I would postpone a doctor's appointment or treatment.

There are certain treatments I would refuse even if the doctor said it was necessary.

I believe I can beat cancer without the help of my doctor.

If my doctor recommended a treatment I didn't like, I might try an alternative treatment such as Laetril.

I prefer to know as little as possible about my treatments.

I would not question my doctor or in any way hurt his/her feelings.

I feel so nervous much of the time that I can't think very well.

I feel so depressed most of the time that the future looks bleak to me.

I have had serious emotional problems in the past that are now kicking up again.