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  1. ”There is no type of cancer from which someone has not been cured!“

    Could you please forward the information you have that supports someone with Glioblastoma being cured? I know there are long term survivors, but “cure” or “cured” is not a reference I have heard. Thank you in advance. (DX with GBM in May 2018, following SOC, stable since).

    1. Dear Craig, In my estimation, if a person has survived a ‘glio” for over ten years, without further treatment, then they can take the honor of being considered a survivor. Yes, glioblastomas are one of the most difficult to cure, but if their medical team can help the survivor manage their cancer and prolong their life, then it is a success for the patient. Every day that we live another day, we are successful survivors. Thank you for your question. It is important to always question and find inspiration in our daily lives.

    1. Robert, I am confirming that the book was sent. I hope you will contact Friend 4 Life Cancer Support Network in Louisville, KY, should you want any cancer support assistance. 866-374-3634.

  2. Hi. My hubby was told last yeaR he had pancreatic cancer he under went a whipple 16 hours of surgery and many more surgies following .7 months in Hospital i thouvht he was goin g to die he fought hard still so sick feeding tube weekly trips to hospital .i lost my job of 13 years we are behind in Rent ..we are days away of being on the streets we have lived in our apt since 1994 we cant get caught up we need help im writing to ask for help my manager is at champlain housing trust 88 ki ng street burlington vermont 05401 phone is 8028626244 ..i dont know where to turn we are losing so much and losing our home would just kill him…thank you for your time…

    1. Susan, I am sorry to read that this is happening to you. My fastest, and probably most efficient, way to find out who is providing mortgage and rent assistance in your area is to call the United Way 2-1-1. The other, is to contact churches in your area. The other resource is Vermont Rent Assistance program: https://www.rentassistance.us/st/vermont. It is an online application. You may also try the Vermont Housing Authority: http://www.needhelppayingbills.com/html/vermont_housing_assistance.html. There are options for you. Please follow-up on them.

  3. Please Help us to prevent diseases in west africa
    Help us to get money to this medical preventive charity so we can continue the work.
    We would apreciate any amount of money from you
    But I do need 30 000 US Dollar to make a new medicin that will make it possible to to prevent leg amputations in kids Ghana. as soon as I have the 30000 USD.
    This Medical Preventive Reseach charity want to reduce the need of amputations on kids in tropical climate in 30 countries as west africa ,asia,pacific Peru,Mexico we have supported a development of a new wound treatment method of Buruli ulcer ( Mycobacteria ulcerans infections there is 5-6000 cases /Year 85% is below 15 year of age and 20-25 % get legs / arms amputated ( around 1200 amputations /Year) But we still have not had money enuf to have the new wound medicin produced (140 000 US Dollar) for global wound treatment medicin to this neglected tropical disease for distribution to countries.This new medicin might work on Lepra wounds as well.
    This charity need donations to be able to support Cancer preventive reseach about Xenoestrogens that is behind many reproductive organ diseases as breast cancer, a global problem with local variations.In Ghana women get fibroids already at an age of 25 years and breast cancer after 30.Typical signs are Oestrogen Dominance symptoms: .We are calculating on a reseach budget of 280 000 US Dollar for xenoestrogen reseach in Ghana as the analyses are expensive and there is a lot of food and beverages to analyse in west africa and it will include a laboratory building and vaccination clinic in Ghana.
    This charity also inform local medical professionals about new diagnos methods and treatments as example in Ghana have we introduced a research in a reseach institution about babesia infections as it might be one cause behind people with Malaria diagnos that do not answer on the treatment.
    This charity have also supported a development of a new black fly insect repellent to reduce the risk of river blindness in river areas in Africa ( so far only tested but we have not had money to support a production for distribution to river areas(26 000US Dollar)
    This charity support medical professionals who started medical reseach to find the cause,treatment and how to prevent local diseases they got in touch with. As private researcher they do not get support from traditional medical foundations as they demand a conection to an institution.
    This charity was initiatet by a veterinarian on holliday in Ghana who got in touch with 3 sick horses and he was told that 10-20 horses had died with similar signs each year since 10 years back , we supported all analyses and he found the cause that can be prevented a mycotoxin.
    If you want to send us money you can do it by Pay PAL payments to mprcharity@gmail.com or wire transfer to MPRCharity account bank adres is SEB 10640 Stockholm Sweden :SEBank: Swift/Bic code ESSESESS IBAN nr: SE235 0000 0000 5383 3406 143 for international money transfer to support this charity
    Thank you Best regards charity president Thomas Lundgren +46 733260861 atelproek@gmail.com

  4. Hello,

    My name is Dominique Ivey and I am a Project Manager for the Oncology Department at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center. I am reaching out to your organization because we have identified an opportunity to improve the care we provide to our members through building partnerships with key community organizations such as yours.
    Our goals for pursuing a partnership with your organization are to:
    • Understand existing community resources that may help improve care for our patients, including:
    o Patient support groups
    o Educational conferences
    o Research efforts

    • Learn about, and understand how we might partner with organization on:
    o Common challenges faced by community organizations
    o Common patient questions and concerns
    o Organizational projects
    o Community outreach efforts

    • Build a community presence

    We would like to set up some time to meet with you…

    Thank you for your time,

    Dominique Ivey
    Project Manager
    Oncology Department
    Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center
    4841 Hollywood Blvd,
    Los Angeles, California 90027
    Office: (323) 783 – 3704
    Tie Line: 8 – 363 – 3704
    E-mail: Dominique.Ivey@kp.org

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