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In 1978, Richard Bloch, co-founder and honorary chairman of the board of H & R Block, Inc. was diagnosed with “terminal” lung cancer. With the help of his wife, Annette, doctors who said he could beat the cancer, and his own determination, Bloch waged a bitter two-year war on the insidious disease. So dramatic was his fight and recovery that Bloch and his wife devoted their lives to helping others stricken with cancer.

The narrow goal of the R. A. Bloch Cancer Foundation is limited to projects that will help people diagnosed with cancer have the best chance of beating it as easily as possible. Many other facets could be more important such as making people immune to cancer, eliminating the cause of cancer or finding a cure. However, these fields are best left to professionals, and our resources are devoted exclusively to projects in our area.

All services of the Foundation are free, and no contributions of cash are ever solicited. Contributions are accepted so that the donor may be assured that all their funds are going to help cancer patients.


R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation, Inc.
Bloch Cancer Hotline
One H&R Block Way
Kansas City, MO 64105

816-854-8024 (fax)


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  1. My Aunt has been told she has 3 months to 6 months stomach cancer. 3 weeks ago a scan showed the cancer was not growing and looked to be stabilized. Last week she had stomach pains went to her UPMC center and was told cancer has spread and that was the 3-6 month timetable. we would like a 2nd opinion I called 412-647-2811 cancer specialist line got a recording of doctor numbers. please I need a number to call to discuss how to get a 2nd opinion, thank you

  2. Hello,
    I just found out about your institute. My brother has been diagnosed with Glioblastoma and under treatment. His tumor is recognized as one that is aggressive. He is now, at phase two of his treatment which combines, chemo and Avestine with food diet.
    What kind of help or recommendations may you have for my 43-year-old brother? Thank you


    1. My recommendation is to have an in-depth conversation with your brother’s doctors. They will tell him what diet he should be following. Please let me add that you do not want to put him on any fad diet that makes claims that are too good to be true. If you have any concerns, you should try a second opinion at another cancer treatment center, preferably an NCI (National Cancer Institute) designated cancer facility. Here is also a wonderful publication about Brain Tumors:

  3. Is there a phone number to leave a message? The first number won’t accept messages and the second number won’t accept the command “2.”

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