Audio Book – Cancer …theres hope


CANCER... there's hopeCancer …there’s hope (8th printing 2004) is the first of three books written by Annette and Richard Bloch.  In 1978, Richard Bloch, co-founder and honorary chairman of the board of H&R Block, Inc., was diagnosed with cancer and told he had only a few months to live. With the help of his wife, Annette, and the doctors who said he could lick the disease, and with a stubborn determination to survive, Bloch waged a bitter, painful, two-year war on the insidious disease.

He was completely cured.

So dramatic was his fight and recovery that Bloch and his wife decided to spend their lives helping to convince others that they too can cope with cancer.

The purpose of this book is to advise cancer patients, their relatives and friends what could be involved and what some of their options are. It is also to advise doctors and other professionals what reactions there could be to statements or treatments. The more knowledge we have about this dreaded disease, the better we can help ourselves and others cope.

To LISTEN to the audio book version of Cancer …theres hope, click the play (>) button for each chapter below:

  • Title page and contact information (00:37)

  • Dedication (00:39)

  • Preface (00:55)

  • Where to find answers (00:37)

  • Understanding what lies ahead (05:29)

  • First recognition (13:32)

  • Starting down the road to recovery (03:43)

  • Radiation therapy (05:09)

  • Chemotherapy (09:27)

  • To surgery (02:36)

  • Recuperation (05:38)

  • The ups and downs of treatment (16:07)

  • Mind over matter (07:15)

  • Creating hope – the hotline (10:38)

  • Establishing the treatment panel (10:25)

  • My goals (01:15)

  • Organizing the cancer management center (12:15)

  • A look at the future (15:54)

  • Summary and conclusions (24:02)

  • NCI designated cancer centers (00:26)

  • Glossary of terms in lay language (02:50)

  • About the authors (08:19)

  • Contact information (00:35)

About the reader:

Mike Lyon
Mike Lyon

Mike Lyon has been the son in law of Richard and Annette Bloch since he married Linda Bloch Lyon (youngest daughter of Richard and Annette Bloch) in 1993.