Audio Book – Fighting Cancer

Fighting Cancer
Fighting Cancer

Fighting Cancer (13th printing 2008) was written by Annette and Richard Bloch, co-founder of H&R Block.  In 1978, Bloch was diagnosed with ‘inoperable’ lung cancer and told he had 90 days to live. Luckily he sought a second opinion and, after two years of arduous treatment, he was completely cured. This book is written for and dedicated to the people with cancer who want to do everything in their power to help themselves and their doctor so they will have the best chance of beating their disease.

You can READ Fighting Cancer on-line HERE (several e-reader formats are available)

To LISTEN to the audio book version of Fighting Cancer, click the play (>) button for each chapter below:

  • Editor’s Preface (01:52)

  • Introduction (10:13)

  • 1 Understanding Cancer (26:32)

  • 2 Initial Approach (30:15)

  • 3 Medical Treatments (38:10)

  • 4 Quiz (17:08)

  • 5 Mental Attitude (06:38)

  • 6 Physician-Patient Communication (13:37)

  • 7 Self-Help Exercises (21:25)

  • 8 Prayer  (05:24)

  • 9 Smoking (06:24)

  • 10 Pain Relief (10:04)

  • 11 Diet (07:03)

  • 12 Conclusions (11:38)

  • 24 Most Asked Questions
    (not recorded)

  • 14 Check List (07:39)

About the readers:

Melissa and Steven Siig and family
Melissa and Steven Siig and family

Steven Siig (main voice) is married to Melissa Siig (see below). A director/cinematographer for many years with an emphasis on mountain adventure, Siig has filmed for adventure film production companies such as Warren Miller Entertainment, Standard Films, Alpine Assassins, Teton Gravity Research and others. Siig co-starred and contributed footage to Mount St. Elias, an award winning adventure documentary from Gerald Salmina released in 2010.

Melissa Siig (callouts) is Richard and Annette Bloch’s eldest grand-daughter. Melissa ditched international politics in Washington, D.C. in 2001 to move to Tahoe, where she quickly found her true calling — journalism. She has written for regional and national publications, is an associate editor for Moonshine Ink, and enjoys writing about community issues and quirky human interest stories. When not at her keyboard, she is busy wrangling her three children or playing outside.

Annette and Linda
Annette and Linda

Linda Bloch Lyon (preface) is the youngest daughter of Richard and Annette Bloch and the editor of all three of their books.