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Patient’s Checklist


CLICK HERE to open the book in a new window or read it below — Chapter 14 “Check List”… Continue Reading…

Cancer Survivors Park

We believe that the second greatest correctable cause of cancer mortality (smoking being #1) is relating death and cancer. Many have been brought up to believe that a diagnosis of cancer means automatic death. Some believe that treatments are worse than death. When they are diagnosed, they give up and do not try to fight. Continue Reading…

The Origin of National Cancer Survivors Day


Very close friends of ours live in Jerusalem, Israel. He is an extremely important and well known man there. Their son was married to our daughter for many years. Several years ago he needed open heart surgery. His family recommended he go to Baltimore, New York, Boston or Cleveland. Suddenly we heard he had the surgery in Haifa. Continue Reading…

Cancer Checklist

Checking this page could save your life!

Cancer Facts:

  • There is no type of cancer from which someone has not been cured!
  • There is no type of cancer for which there are no treatments!
  • Cancer is the most curable of all chronic diseases! Continue Reading…

A New Tool for Clergy to Help Cancer Patients

The diagnosis of cancer is a traumatic event for individuals and is usually the first time they realize their mortality. They are scared, out of control and need help. One of the first sources from whom they might seek help is the clergy. Because the diagnosis of cancer is not a death sentence, this is an opportunity for the clergy Continue Reading…

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