2008 Cancer Survivors Parks Tour

Here’s a tour in photos of many of the Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Survivors Parks.


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  1. Thank you so much for the Cancer Survivors Park in Omaha. I am sitting in the Cancer Center taking my LAST chemo treatment as I write this! I pass the park on my way to work every day and although I saw it I admit I paid little attention until I got that fateful call that turned my life upside down. This spring when all the trees were in bloom, and I knew that I was going to be OK and going to be done with chemo, I looked at that park, covered in new life and beautiful blossoms, and I was so overwhelmed with thankfulness. It was like it was just for me. I love the sculptures of the people, the different age groups, symbolizing how cancer doesn’t discriminate. It is a beautiful thing and I appreciate it so much.

  2. Thanks to all of you who work on this remarkable project.

    My wife and I are both cancer survivors and were so very impressed with the park in New Orleans. We read eveything there and took photos to share with those who work with us on the annual Cancer Relay for Life.

    Much to our surprise, we happened on a second park in Chicago. How exciting.
    However, we want you to know that many of the little bronze plaques are missing. We suspect someone stole them for the bronze. The standards are still there, only the bronze is missing. Perhaps they can be replaced with a less valuable material. It is sad that without them, viewers are denied the wisdom they contain.

    We would also like to report that the flowers in Chicago were beautiful.

    Don Lathrop

  3. Last summer (2008) my husband, Tarry, and I spent 2 months in Jacksonville FL while he got prostate cancer treatments at the Proton Radiation Institute. We drove by the Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Survivor Park every day and before we left we visited it and were very glad we did! Tarry has a picture of himself, thumbs up, going through the frame! Last week we were in Minneapolis, MN and came across another park identical to the one in Jacksonville! So checking the internet I was able to email the director of the R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation and she graciously gave me the list of all 24 parks and this site so I could see them!! Thanks!

  4. I am 25 and I have been battling leukemia for 6 years. I received a bone marrow transplant in August of 2008. I am recovering progressively and hope to continue to get better. I have a great team of doctors who have saved my life and the life of my newborn daughter who I was carrying during treatment last year. I recently moved to the plaza with my new husband. We were married at KU Medical Center during treatment. After I was released I noticed the survivors park and its only minutes away from our home. We are looking forward to attending the survivors rally this weekend and hope to make the park a regular family outing. It’s close to home, it’s beautiful outside and its great to know that there are people like me who are surviving cancer. Meeting new people is always a great thing and going to the survivors park can help my family and me make new friends who can relate to the struggle.

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