Physician-Patient Statement of Mutual Commitment


Cancer is a complex disease with numerous treatment options. Often there is only one opportunity for success. Effective treatment requires effort by both the patient and physician. A clear understanding of what each can expect of the other will help. Thoughts and feelings of the doctor are transmitted neurologically affecting the health of the patient. Continue reading “Physician-Patient Statement of Mutual Commitment”

Beware of Terminal Prognosis

Something new is happening and it is bad! I previously believed that when a physician told a newly diagnosed cancer patient they were terminal, the physician was unaware of what was available to treat that specific disease or was trying to protect their ego by forecasting the worst in which case there was no downside. If the patient fulfilled the prophecy, the physician was right and if the patient got well, they were the hero, accomplishing the impossible. Continue reading “Beware of Terminal Prognosis”

Doctor – Weigh Your Words Carefully

The manner in which a physician discloses to a patient the diagnosis of cancer can, in and of itself, determine whether the patient will die or survive. The physician can instill hope and the desire to try to fight and be part of a winning team or can cause the patient to want to do nothing and wait for the inevitable end. A telephone call by a nurse or even the doctor stating, “You have cancer” can be totally devastating. The patient Continue reading “Doctor — Weigh Your Words Carefully”