Physician-Patient Statement of Mutual Commitment


Cancer is a complex disease with numerous treatment options. Often there is only one opportunity for success. Effective treatment requires effort by both the patient and physician. A clear understanding of what each can expect of the other will help. Thoughts and feelings of the doctor are transmitted neurologically affecting the health of the patient. Continue reading “Physician-Patient Statement of Mutual Commitment”

Treatment options

Cancer is the most curable of all chronic diseases!
There is no type of cancer for which there is no treatment!
There is no cancer from which someone has not been cured!

But…cancer is an extremely complex disease. There are several hundred different kinds of cancer. Each one is treated in its own particular way by one or a combination of at least eight separate types of therapy Continue reading “Treatment options”

Reducing Medical Errors in Cancer

On May 7, 2001 on ABC National News Peter Jennings stated, “In cancer, a second opinion should be more than just an option.” The following evening his report went in depth reviewing the study at Johns-Hopkins about the alarming figures of individuals treated with surgery or radiation for prostate cancer who did not have any cancer and that one in 5 cases of all cancers wrongly diagnosed Continue reading “Reducing Medical Errors in Cancer”