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Patient Resource® Cancer Guide


Linette Atwood, CEO/Publisher, Patient Resource Publishing understands cancer at all levels and felt she could put her knowledge and experience to your advantage. Her father died of stomach cancer at 62, her husband died of leukemia at 50, her sister died of breast cancer at 49, and Linette was diagnosed and beat breast cancer.

Their trusted patient education publications are the most comprehensive, nationally distributed cancer resources in the United States. They distribute, free of charge, more than 500,000 copies of their guides annually, primarily through physician offices, cancer treatment facilities and patient advocacy organizations. Continue Reading…

Celebrating Cancer Survivors in Kansas City


Remarks by Linda Bloch Lyon, vice president of the R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation, at the 24th annual Kansas City Celebration of Life Rally on National Cancer Survivors Day, Sunday, June 7, 2009…

Continue Reading…

How to Start A Cancer Hotline


Recognizing the need:

  • One out of every four Americans will get cancer. The diagnosis and treatment can be very traumatic experiences.
  • Many people equate cancer with death, not realizing that with prompt, proper care and a positive outlook many cancers can be cured Continue Reading…

Cancer Survivors Park

We believe that the second greatest correctable cause of cancer mortality (smoking being #1) is relating death and cancer. Many have been brought up to believe that a diagnosis of cancer means automatic death. Some believe that treatments are worse than death. When they are diagnosed, they give up and do not try to fight. Continue Reading…

The Origin of National Cancer Survivors Day


Very close friends of ours live in Jerusalem, Israel. He is an extremely important and well known man there. Their son was married to our daughter for many years. Several years ago he needed open heart surgery. His family recommended he go to Baltimore, New York, Boston or Cleveland. Suddenly we heard he had the surgery in Haifa. Continue Reading…

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