Patient Resource® Cancer Guide

Linette Atwood, CEO/Publisher, Patient Resource Publishing understands cancer at all levels and felt she could put her knowledge and experience to your advantage. Her father died of stomach cancer at 62, her husband died of leukemia at 50, her sister died of breast cancer at 49, and Linette was diagnosed and beat breast cancer.

Their trusted patient education publications are the most comprehensive, nationally distributed cancer resources in the United States. They distribute, free of charge, more than 500,000 copies of their guides annually, primarily through physician offices, cancer treatment facilities and patient advocacy organizations.

Combined with , they have created a powerful portal of web information to empower the community in the fight against cancer.

The Patient Resource® Cancer Guide provides accurate and inspirational information including:

  • Cancer Journeys
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Supportive Care
  • Types of Cancer
  • Patient Resources
  • Cancer Treatment Facilities
These sites are intended to help patients, family, and friends in their search for information about cancer. We believe that an informed patient will be empowered to better understand and confront this complex disease.