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Fatigue: Defend Against Drain on Your Energy


This article from Patient Resource Guide is valuable information for patients and their caregivers.

It provides a good comparison of normal, everyday, tiredness and cancer treatment induced fatigue. It is essential to understand the differences.


Finding a Clinical Trial Just Got Easier (


cure_001Read this important article on a very helpful website to find clinical trails!

Article By Cure Today

American Cancer Society Guidelines on Nutrition and Physical Activity for Cancer Prevention


Let’s do everything we can to keep cancer AWAY! This is a very informative article courtesy of American Cancer Society on nutrition and physical activity for cancer prevention. Are you following some of these potentially life-saving tips?

Click on link to read the article:


Considerations / Training Guide Before Becoming an Autologous Outpatient Stem Cell Transplant Caregiver



  • The caregiver must be free from any illness or allergy.
  • Clean hands are a must at all times while around the patient.
  • When the patient wants to talk, be positive and supportive Continue Reading…

Patient Resource® Cancer Guide


Linette Atwood, CEO/Publisher, Patient Resource Publishing understands cancer at all levels and felt she could put her knowledge and experience to your advantage. Her father died of stomach cancer at 62, her husband died of leukemia at 50, her sister died of breast cancer at 49, and Linette was diagnosed and beat breast cancer.

Their trusted patient education publications are the most comprehensive, nationally distributed cancer resources in the United States. They distribute, free of charge, more than 500,000 copies of their guides annually, primarily through physician offices, cancer treatment facilities and patient advocacy organizations. Continue Reading…

Cancer Checklist

Checking this page could save your life!

Cancer Facts:

  • There is no type of cancer from which someone has not been cured!
  • There is no type of cancer for which there are no treatments!
  • Cancer is the most curable of all chronic diseases! Continue Reading…

There’s Good News Tonight

Cancer mortality drops for the first time in history! The age adjusted cancer death rate declined from 1990 to 1995 by 3.1% from 135.0 per 100,000 population to 129.8, the lowest it has been since 25 years ago. Further, the decline is accelerating and continuing at about 2% per year. Continue Reading…

Knowledge Heals – Ignorance Destroys

Being diagnosed with cancer is the most traumatic event that can happen to an individual. Someone who has not been there cannot possibly appreciate the gravity of this event. Normally, the diagnosis comes from a visit to a physician for a supposedly innocuous illness while the patient feels relatively healthy. All of a sudden they are told it is malignant which conjures up a vision Continue Reading…

Ingredients in a Successful Spirit

While the practice of medicine has made incredible progress in the past few years, it is still not an exact science. And particularly when it comes to cancer, the process gets tougher because the disease and treatments are so extremely complex. Continue Reading…

Using the Internet

A new resource has been given to us! But we must use it wisely to benefit. The world wide web contains the information cancer patients need to successfully fight this hideous disease. But how do we find the specific information we need that will truly help conquer cancer? Much of the information on the web is bogus. Continue Reading…