Latest Links – New Resources For You To Consider.

The R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation is always on the lookout for organizations or publications that can help patients and their supporters. We have four to share with you.

  • The Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA) has launched an innovative approach to reaching audiences who are unable to attend a seminar in person. Now everyone will get to hear from the excellent doctors at M.D. Anderson.
  • now offers more than 30 e-newsletters designed just for you – more than 20 on specific cancer types, plus Fitness and Nutrition, Young Adults and Cancer, Prevention, Caregiving, Childhood Cancers, and Integrative Therapy. Sign up and start receiving e-mail alerts about your cancer type or journey stage. You’ll also receive information about the latest cancer research and have access to web-exclusive articles.
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital is offering free Health Alerts e-mails. Find out, in layman’s terms, what the experts there have to say about Arthritis, Back Pain & Osteoporosis, Colon Cancer, Depression & Anxiety, Lung Disorders, and much more. They offer a wonderful Special Report on 7 Keys to Treating Prostate Cancer.