Fighting Cancer Woodblock Prints by Dale Phelps

November 2, 2006

This series of woodblock prints concerns visualization during meditation for the treatment of cancer. I have been living with prostate cancer since 1993 but it has recently increased its activity. Along with traditional medical treatments I have been utilizing guided imagery in meditation. I produced these images to help me with visualization during imaging. With this and other modalities I have brought my cancer under reasonable control. Continue reading “Fighting Cancer Woodblock Prints by Dale Phelps”

Meditations to Extend and Improve Life

The following thoughts, to be read daily by a cancer patient:

  • I realize the power within me is greater for me than the power of another. That I have the power to control my thoughts and that my thoughts control my feelings and the way I see the world around me.
  • I realize that negative thoughts create negative experiences and positive thoughts create positive experiences. Therefore I now decide Continue reading “Meditations to Extend and Improve Life”