Fighting Cancer Woodblock Prints by Dale Phelps

November 2, 2006

This series of woodblock prints concerns visualization during meditation for the treatment of cancer. I have been living with prostate cancer since 1993 but it has recently increased its activity. Along with traditional medical treatments I have been utilizing guided imagery in meditation. I produced these images to help me with visualization during imaging. With this and other modalities I have brought my cancer under reasonable control.

Thank you,

Dale Phelps

editor’s note: Dale  lost his battle with prostate cancer in 2009.  His wonderful woodcuts are displayed outside our offices here in Kansas City.


5 Replies to “Fighting Cancer Woodblock Prints by Dale Phelps”

  1. I’ve seen some of these prints in the Breast Care Center in Waterloo, IA. I’ve enjoyed them and until recently did not know their history. Inspiring story and beautiful work. Are they available for purchase?

    1. Stephanie,
      They are terrific. The artist passed away quite a while ago, so I can not contact him. If you ask the cancer center for his wife’s contact information, she might be able to assist you.

  2. Dale was one of my Husbands best Friends, and during errys struggle with Renal cell carcinoma one of the most helpful things my Husband found was Dales woodblock art.
    Today I learned of another friends with newly diagnosed cancer and provided him with this website in the hope and assured knowledge that it will help him as it has so many other Patients and their support system.
    Thank you Dale, whereever you may be.

  3. These prints helped me so much! I had to write a creative story about a biological function. I chose those of a cancer cell. The prints helped me understand the human elements of cancer as well as the creative side.

  4. I love these prints! I’d like to use them for my cancer support website, with your permission. Of course I’ll put your name and link under each picture used so everyone will know who did these great prints.

    Do you have any framed prints for sale?

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