Fighting Cancer Woodblock Prints by Dale Phelps

November 2, 2006

This series of woodblock prints concerns visualization during meditation for the treatment of cancer. I have been living with prostate cancer since 1993 but it has recently increased its activity. Along with traditional medical treatments I have been utilizing guided imagery in meditation. I produced these images to help me with visualization during imaging. With this and other modalities I have brought my cancer under reasonable control. Continue reading “Fighting Cancer Woodblock Prints by Dale Phelps”

Prostate cancer chronology

Background:  20% of all men age 55 have prostate cancer.  By the time a man reaches the age of 70 that increases to approximately 50% and close to 100% by the age of 90.  This is known because when men die from other causes, it is discovered at the autopsy that they had prostate cancer.  Prostate cancer is extremely serious for a young man and generally is not imminently life threatening for a man over 65 unless Continue reading “Prostate cancer chronology”

Reducing Medical Errors in Cancer

On May 7, 2001 on ABC National News Peter Jennings stated, “In cancer, a second opinion should be more than just an option.” The following evening his report went in depth reviewing the study at Johns-Hopkins about the alarming figures of individuals treated with surgery or radiation for prostate cancer who did not have any cancer and that one in 5 cases of all cancers wrongly diagnosed Continue reading “Reducing Medical Errors in Cancer”