HELP is Only a Phone Call Away

The trauma of being diagnosed with cancer is enormous. All of us who have been there know it. The questions that race through our minds, even while the physician is still trying to explain the situation, are unending. Will I die? Will I be an invalid? Will I have terrible pain? What do I tell my family? What do I tell my friends? How will I handle my work? Will I have to endure those horrible treatments I have heard about? How will I pay for all of this? Has anyone ever survived this? Is it all worthwhile? Where do I get the answers?

Now there is help available. By calling 1-800-433-0464 a newly diagnosed cancer patient can speak with a trained volunteer who has been successfully treated for the same type of cancer. These trained volunteers are not there to advise specific medical treatments. They are there to supplement your medical team, not replace them. The R. A. Bloch National Cancer Hotline is not affiliated with any medical institution or profit making venture. It is strictly a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Cash donations are never solicited.

A call to these volunteers offer three primary services:

  • It inspires hope because they survived the same disease you now have.
  • It helps you get through the shock and uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis. Sharing experiences with a survivor frequently diminishes the fears you are feeling.
  • It provides vital information at a time when you need to make important decisions. You can receive-free of charge-a variety of informational resources including three cancer related books, Fighting Cancer, Cancer. . . there’s hope, and Guide for Cancer Supporters.

The Cancer Hotline, which has been available to the Kansas City area for over 25 years and has received in excess of 75,000 calls from newly diagnosed cancer patients, is now available nationwide without charge through a grant from the Sprint Foundation.

For all newly diagnosed cancer patients, a call to the R. A. Bloch National Cancer Hotline at 1-800-433-0464 is a necessity. It is one of the many ideas that could help, can’t possibly hurt, and could make the difference between success and failure. Cancer is a disease that most people have one chance to beat. Do everything in your power the first time because often there is no second chance.