Ingredients in a Successful Spirit

While the practice of medicine has made incredible progress in the past few years, it is still not an exact science. And particularly when it comes to cancer, the process gets tougher because the disease and treatments are so extremely complex.

We are all brought up to believe in our physician, follow his or her advice, and we’ll be well. Not so with cancer. Cancer is such a complex disease that this does not apply. There is a saying that doctors don’t cure cancer.  Patients cure themselves with the help of their doctor. They can’t do it alone and neither can the doctor. I have talked with several top oncologists who do not believe it is possible to successfully treat a cancer patient who feels they will die from their disease, regardless of how curable it is. That is not to say that if you firmly believe you will get well, you will. But at least you will have a fighting chance.

I call this the “Successful Spirit” of fighting cancer. You get all the information you can, understand everything about your disease, know all your options, practice everything and anything that might help, and always keep a positive attitude. Sure, it’s tough at times, but it is a lot better than the alternative.

Read, study and do everything recommended in the book, “Fighting Cancer”, available free from the Cancer Hotline, 800-433-0464. Talk to volunteers who have had the disease. To know the road ahead, talk to someone who has been there. Practice relaxation and visual imagery as well as say a few prayers. Even if it can’t help, it certainly couldn’t hurt. Trials have proven both really do help. Try your best to get into a support group at least once a week. It is an important part of recovery.

Why are we taking our time to write this? It’s payback time. 24 years ago Dick had “terminal lung cancer” and was given 90 days to live. Through his “Successful Spirit” he was cured of this and another cancer. We have a great life together enjoying our children and grandchildren. We want to try to help every cancer patient have the same opportunity.

Try everything because you usually do not have the opportunity to look back and say, “I wish I would have!” Give yourself the luxury of looking back when you are cured and see what you feel was worthwhile and what was not. It’s bet that you will have done nothing that you are sorry that you tried.