Accessing Treatment Information – PDQ

Cancer is the most curable of all chronic diseases!
There is no type of cancer for which there is no treatment!
There is no cancer from which someone has not been cured.

But…cancer is an extremely complex disease.  There are over 200 different kinds of cancer.  Each one is treated in its own particular way by one or a combination of at least eight separate types of therapy.  Cancer grows geometrically.  It must be treated promptly, properly and thoroughly.  There is generally only one chance to beat cancer, so it better be done right the first time.

The National Cancer Institute has developed a program called PDQ with the latest and best treatment for every type of cancer.  It is absolutely free.  It is updated every month.  There is no excuse for not knowing the best option for successfully treating your type of cancer.  If you are not receiving the recommended treatment, show it to your physician and ask why.

Furthermore, you can find all the current open clinical trials everywhere for your type of cancer just in case the state-of-the-art therapy does not succeed for you.  These are treatments that work in theory for your type of cancer, have shown success with animals and are now being tried on people.  Each one of these offers you a chance of success if the state-of-the-art therapy fails.  Know your options.

To access PDQ from the NCI click here

After choosing type of cancer, select either “health professional” to get the most complete information, or “patient” for information in lay terms.

To access current protocols